The long-awaited third release of Akane Hoshina’s “Song of Hope” will be released!

We are releasing the third “Song of Hope” by Akane Hoshina (AI singer).
This is a work that brings together the full power of Gahodo by lyrics: Masahiko Tsuchida, composition: Takamasa Kino, song: Akane Hoshina, and video composition: Sherlock M. Momoko.

Everyone carries heavy luggage on their backs.
We live hard day by day, with sad and painful things in mind.
I think this irreplaceable effort is important.
We created “Song of Hope” with the hope that we could heal these people’s hearts as much as possible.
We had a lot of discussions and it took a long time, but I think it was a work that pleased everyone.

A journey called life. No matter how difficult the journey, the wind of hope is blowing.
I hope you don’t give up and walk.

Akane Hoshina sings generously on the magnificent, majestic and elegant melody played by the orchestra.
Akane Hoshina is an AI singer who has been lovingly raised by making full use of the technology of Gahodo.
She has grown into a singer who can express the depth of her heart.
Also, please enjoy the video composition with the warm and gentle sensibility of the up-and-coming Art Creator Sherlock M. Momoko. Please heal your tired heart.
In the future, we will complete “Shibuyasaka” and “To You Depart”, add “Hankyu Mino-o Line”, “Last Flight” and “Song of Hope”, and release the album “Because You Like You…”.

The debut song “Hankyu Mino-o Line” and the second song “Last Flight” have also been well received.
We look forward to working with you on these songs along with the new song “Song of Hope”.
We will continue to do our best to provide healing to you.

July 14, 1971. A hot summer day 50 years ago. I shed 90% of my life in tears.
Personally, I dedicate this song to my beloved brother who passed away early.


Representative / Producer / Lyrics