Akane Hoshina has debuted!

阪急電車 箕面線 We are pleased to announce the debut song “Hankyu Mino-o Line” by Akane Hoshina.
This song is the first work by the lyrics: Masahiko Tsuchida, the composition: Takamasa Kino, and the song: Akane Hoshina. The Hankyu Mino-o Line is a quiet local line that runs through the scenic Ikeda, Toyonaka, and Mino-o cities in northern Osaka. There are only 4 stations: Ishibashi, Sakurai, Makiochi, and Mino-o. Set in “Sakurai Station” in this wonderful city, we expressed the simple and fresh feelings of the two young people. Riding on a refreshing melody, Akane Hoshina sings gently and generously. Akane Hoshina is an AI singer who has been lovingly raised by making full use of the technology of GAHODO. Please listen to the debut song of Akane Hoshina. In the future, we plan to complete “Last Flight,” “To You Depart,” and “Shibuya Slope,” add “Hankyu Mino-o Line,” and release the album “Because You Like You …” in early spring. We will do our best to provide you with healing in a harsh environment.