"Toward dreams, hopes,
and the future"

We established "GAHODO MUSIC OFFICE"
to create and deliver songs
that can heal and encourage everyone's heart
in today's harsh and chaotic world.

Humans suffer from a lot of pain,
hardship, and sadness.
But at any given time,
you have to live the best you can.
It's hard to live,
but there are dreams, hopes, and the future.

What wind gave me-hope and courage to live.
What songs gave me-a brighter tomorrow and the future.

I would like to support you with our songs.

能登半島地震 被災者の方々に心よりお見舞い申し上げます


Main broadcastEvery Friday from 20:00 to 21:00 YES-fm Broadcasting at 78.1MHz!

RebroadcastEvery Sunday from 20:00 to 21:00 (starting from January 2, 2022)



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  • Purpose of establishment

    No matter how hard it may be, humans must live hard.
    We must coexist with nature, which gives grace to humans and sometimes gives us a harsh fate.
    Looking back on history, many died before they realized their ambitions.
    We are living by taking on the lives of those people.
    A life that belongs to you as well as to others ...
    It is important to encourage each other and live.
    We have established "GAHODO" to encourage many people with the songs we create.

  • Concept

    We have established "GAHODO" in the traditional Yushima area.
    The waka poems written in this next paragraph are written by Sugawara no Michizane, the deity of Yushima Tenjin Shrine (the deity of literature, poetry, calligraphy, and performing arts).

    The moon shines like snow on a sunny day, and the plum blossoms are illuminated and resemble stars.
    It is lovely that the golden mirror-like moon scents the flowers like the balls in the garden.

    Translated into a modern style, "The moonlight tonight is as bright as the sun shining on the snow, and the plum blossoms that bloom in it are like glittering stars.
    The moon shines in the sky, and the scent of plum blossoms fills the garden. What a wonderful scent! "
    We will deliver songs with all our hearts so that many people, including young people, can walk toward the future with dreams and hopes in this difficult time.

  • Company name, l Logo mark, Corporate color


    The company name was named "GAHODO" after the founding member "Masa" and "Mine", which means that a tree grows to heaven and a deity descends from heaven.

    The logo mark was created with the image that the initial letter of the company name "Miyabi" and the torii gate of the shrine are friendly and at the same time have a dignified dignity.
    The corporate color, which is also the color of the logo mark, is a color called "Masoo" that expresses the kindness with a core from the deep Japanese traditional colors that are a mixture of various colors.


  • Company name


  • Location

    504 Ad Houms Yushima, 3-28-18 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0034

  • Introduction of Yushima


    Yushima Tenjin seen from the company





  • Contact

    email address

    If I am absent, please let me know your requirements by answering machine, fax, email, etc.

  • Representative

    Masahiko Tsuchida

    Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Law in March 1975. Joined Mitsui Bank. In the midst of a series of mergers, he has served as branch manager, general manager, officer, etc. of major city banks such as Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and Risona Bank. While working at a bank, completed the Keio University Business School "Executive Seminar". While working at a bank, he graduated from the Faculty of Letters of Kokugakuin University and obtained a higher priesthood qualification. After retiring from the bank, he moved to the education industry.
    Fifty years after the death of his beloved brother, he devotes his life to writing and writing songs that he had dreamed of since childhood, and decides to encourage young people living in difficult times and those in harsh environments. He always says, "Living hard is the most important thing."
    Currently, he is a special advisor to the Jikei Group of Colleges, the principal of Tokyo Wedding Hotel College, and the auditor of Japan Arts Co., Ltd., the largest classical music office.

    土田 雅彦
  • Established

    November 3, 2020

  • Business content

    ① Music planning and production (lyrics, composition, arrangement, recording, etc.)
    ② Planning, production and management of concerts
    ③ Planning and production to make a CD or DVD work
    ④ Sale of acquired original copyrights and broadcasting rights
    ⑤ Design of CD jackets and logos
    ⑥ Creation of literary works, etc.

  • Supporter

    Masako Mineo
    She is a former director of a major radio station. After marrying a well-known photographer, she underpinned her artistic activities. Representative Tsuchida has been a close friend for 30 years and contributed to the establishment of GAHODO. She offers a variety of advice with a wealth of knowledge, experience and insight, and support GAHODO from the heart.

    Sherlock M. Momoko
    Promotion / video creator
    After going through Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin, she conducted life science research using animal stem cells at the Department of Animal Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture. After graduating, she will be attracting more attention in marketing and advanced program development in cutting-edge companies. Resonating with the concept of GAHODO and participating. She is in charge of promotion and video production, delivering the highest quality service to viewers. And she is an up-and-coming Art Creator who is also in charge of the production of this site.

    Merry Umezawa
    English translator
    She studied at Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin from kindergarten to high school, and experienced studying abroad in the United States in high school. After that, she was enrolled in the School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda University, and went to countries such as India and Scotland.
    After graduation, she is engaged in environmental conservation and social contribution jobs at a company, and also works as a video translator. She is in charge of supervising the English translation of the key visual part of this site.

  • General Counsel

    Shinichiro Nakajima Law Office
    Representative Attorney Shinichiro Nakajima
    6th Floor, Sunshine Ginza Miharabashi Building, 4-9-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061


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