Akane Hoshina’s new song “Last Flight” will be released!

Last Flight

The second song “Last Flight” by Akane Hoshina (Last flight from Itan to Haneda) will be released. The lyrics of this song are Masahiko Tsuchida, the composition is Takamasa Kino, and the song is Akane Hoshina. It’s the same as the debut song.

At Gahodo, the composer and arranger Takamasa Kino creates the highest quality melodies based on the production intentions of producer and lyricist Masahiko Tsuchida.
He brings the AI ​​singer Akane Hoshina to life as a singer.

In addition, Sherlock M. Momoko, who is active in many fields, is in charge of video production for this music production. Sherlock M. Momoko is an up-and-coming art creator who creates a new world view while incorporating a fantastic landscape into the real world.

There are various farewells at the airport. The last flight from Itan to Haneda at 20:20. Set in Itan Airport (Osaka International Airport), it expresses the feeling of sad farewell. Akane Hoshina is a magnificent and graceful melody played by the orchestra, singing painfully and generously. She is an AI singer who has been lovingly raised by making full use of the technology of Gahodo. Please pay attention to the expressive power that has grown further than the debut song. Also, please enjoy the images of Sherlock M. Momoko’s wonderful sensibilities. It is a work that puts all the power of Gahodo.

In the future, we plan to finish “Shibuyasaka” and “To you on a journey”, add “Last Flight” and “Hankyu Mino-o Line”, and release the album “Because you love it …”. We will release it one by one. The debut song “Hankyu Mino-o Line” has also been very well received and will continue to be cherished. We look forward to working with you on the new song. We will continue to strive to provide healing to you.


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