Announcement of the start of broadcasting of “Nostalgic Music Hall by Masahiko Tsuchida”!

YES-fm 78.1MHz
From Friday, October 1st, Osaka Community FM Station
Provided by gahodo every Friday from 20:00 to 21:00 with “YES-fm”
“Nostalgic Music Hall by Masahiko Tsuchida” will start broadcasting.
Masahiko Tsuchida, the representative of gahodo, will be in charge of the personality.
Please listen according to the “listening method” below.

YES-fm “Nostalgic Music Hall by Masahiko Tsuchida”

1. Broadcast date: Every Friday from October 1, 2021 (Friday)
2. Broadcast time: 20:00 broadcast start to 21:00 end
3. Program name: “Nostalgic Music Hall by Masahiko Tsuchida” YES-fm [78.1MHz]
4. Personality: Masahiko Tsuchida (Representative of gahodo, Producer, Lyricist)
5. Control: gahodo
6. Staff: Takamasa Kino (composer), Sherlock M. Momoko (Art Creator)
Masako (advisor)
7. Program content:

  1. (1) Music is the best food for human beings and is indispensable for living. On the other hand, valuable works that reflect the social situation are being buried as the times change. In this program, we will rediscover the wonderful works that were born in the times, look back on the times, and listen to the nostalgic music of the time. We hope that we can provide healing to all of you in a difficult time and help you to live in the hope of tomorrow.
  2. (2) We are waiting for many requests. Please send us the songs you want to listen to and a brief episode. We will continue to promote the program together with you.
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8.How to watch: Please listen below.
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9.Company profile: YES-fm is a community FM in Chuo-ku, Osaka, operated by FM Chuo Co., Ltd.
YES-fm 78.1MHz