We are releasing the long-awaited new song “KIZUNA ~To you on a journey~” by Akane Hoshina!

KIZUNA ~To you on a journey~

We are releasing a new song by Akane Hoshina (AI singer), "KIZUNA ~To you on a journey~".
This is the long-awaited fourth song for her.
This song is written by Masahiko Tsuchida, composed by Takamasa Kino, sung by Akane Hoshina, and promoted by Sherlock M. Momoko.
It is a work that brings together all the power of gahodo.

Music is an important "food for the heart" for human beings and is an essential part of life.

At gahodo, the composer and editor Takamasa Kino creates the highest quality melodies based on the production intentions of producer and lyricist Masahiko Tsuchida.
And the AI ​​singer Akane Hoshina is brought to life as a singer.
Up-and-coming Art Creator Sherlock M. Momoko is in charge of promotion with a new world view.

Everyone has immense hardships and sorrows in their hearts.
Still, people are doing their best to live.

The irreplaceable efforts of these people are important.
People become stronger, gentler, and shine as they meet and part with each other.
We want you to shine at all times.
As an ale to all of you, I created "KIZUNA ~To you on a journey~".
Akane Hoshina sings gently and gently on the magnificent, majestic and elegant melody played by the orchestra.
She is an AI singer who has been lovingly raised by making full use of the technology of gahodo, and has grown into a singer who can express the breadth and depth of her heart.
This time she also challenged her first trio.

From October 1st (Friday), "Masahiko Tsuchida's Nostalgic Music Hall" provided by gahodo will start broadcasting on the Osaka community FM station "YES-fm" every Friday from 20:00 to 21:00.
"KIZUNA ~To you on a journey~" was selected as the "December song". 
No matter how difficult the journey of life is, the wind of hope is blowing.
I hope you don't give up and walk.

In the future, we will release the album "KIZUNA ~To you on a journey~" with "Hankyu Mino-o Line", "Last Flight", "Song of Hope", and "KIZUNA ~To you on a journey~".

Thank you for your continued guidance.


Representative / Producer / Lyrics